Day 1 – Help me smoky wan kenobi, you’re our only hope…

So I’m sure you want to know how hungover I was, because Facebook news feeds don’t give you nearly the amount of hangover status’ (or stati) that’s necessary to keep you entertained.
I had planned to do training at 9.30 am with my mommy and sister, however woke up a bit late, 12 to be precise. I wasn’t worried, even though this hangover was in ferocious territory, surely I wouldn’t have to do any physical excercise today… However within minutes of waking, pregasaurus rex (aptly named as she was roaring about my lack of enthusiasm toward life out of bed) tells me I have to help our friends move house.

Oh shit

Now those who know me may well know that moving house has been a hobby of mine in the last few years, I obviously get a kick out of it, and am therefore a perfect candidate for helping someone else move. But god did I underestimate this hangover.

In a strange turn of events however, I found that this “not sitting about” stuff that all the kids seem to be doing these days helped me enormously in my struggle against giving up the cigarettes, in fact, it wasn’t until writing this blog that I really got a craving. Hurrah!
I learnt today that 5month old babies LOVE the word “chicken”. I also learnt that Ultimate warrior disease (Hellwigmania) is not reserved for pregahontous, but applies to many a woman, and again needs to be approached with caution.
Im hoping now that anyone reading this could start asking questions and leaving comments, because it could make for more entertaining reading! So please, don’t be shy, I don’t bite! This however does not apply to Hellwigmaniacs.

Also, I’m now taking applications for my Friday blog, looking for “Fridays child” so to speak. Let me know if ye want blogged about!

Todays Playlist;
Barenaked ladies – Enid
Bob Marley – Buffalo soldier
Van morrison – Moondance

    • Sherlock
    • May 12th, 2011

    Hey buddy – found meself genuinely laughing at parts of this. The writing is concise and it has a great flow. Keep it up!

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