Fridays bile and Fridays child

Fridays Child; Fridays child is Pol Gill, master of the universe. By day, answerer of calls, fixer of broadband. By night…well this tells a lot more than I ever could…

(Actual recent photo)

Pol asked to be Fridays child and won, simply because of the sheer audacity of his fine self. Pol is the only other long standing fella doing training with me and my mommy, and holds himself quite well. Pol also writes short comics, and I hope to get one online for you all to see in the coming days. Lets hope this shameless plug encourages him to do online comics on a regular basis… but enough about him…

Last night I had a mad dream, where the man got all the craziness and emotional insanity during pregnancy, even though the woman still carried the child. I just think it would be hilarious, imagining all those men out there crying and not knowing what’s wrong with them. My favourite part of the dream was where men got all these emotions even if they didn’t know they had got someone pregnant, like some mad chemical imbalance, which made it all the more amazing.

Friday was relatively boring overall, got up early enough, went to my mums for breakfast and then just sort of stayed there. I tell you, anybody else out there giving/given up the cigarettes, did you get a much bigger appetite? I had bacon and egg and toast and everything, then loads of crisps, then not too long after had a big fray bento’s pie. Was amazing, as If I was filling my nicotine void with tasty foods! Also on Friday night I went to the Playhouse for my boy Pete’s creation, the movie quiz. Was possibly the best night laughing I’ve had in a long time. A live panel show about movies, with all local comedians? Im there in a heartbeat! And I strongly suggest you be there the next time. Ill be posting the pod cast of last night as soon as its ready.

Well I can promise you Saturdays blog will be a bit more interesting as im currently living it and its all a bit mad! Ill keep you updated tonight or in the morning! Until then….


The Beatles- Mr Moonlight

Bowling for Soup- Here’s your freakin song

Incubus- Are you in?


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