Day 4- Which Doctor?

Woken up 5:30am today from a baby kick in the back, very weird sensation! But pregahontous woke up around the same time with a pain in her side, and although it wasn’t debilitating it was persistent. So after hours of convincing, she finally called the doctors.

We were told to come up, shes still in pain, both a little scared to say the least. Traveled up with my mum as my sister had her appendix out last night, and went to wait in the out of hours ‘lounge’, filled with babies and old women, giving us the definite sense of being made wait.

After what seemed forever, we finally got seen by an 11 year old Belfast doctor, who although was very nice, was terribly indecisive, and inexplicably said the word “blood” 17 times. He said he would be worried that she had appendicitis (see above for coincidence) but thinks because it’s not very sore it could just go away. Hopefully it will, can’t be doing with scares like that. Nor can my ears listen to a pregahontous who actually has something to complain about…

Thereafter we had a lovely evening, with Britain’s got talent being quite amusing, Chesney Hawkes on some singing program beforehand, and of course eurovision! Although patriotically, we had nothing to be proud of, I don’t think any country had this year. I won’t go into any gory details, but im positive someone shouted “I want to fuck you” after getting points, honestly!

Any thoughts on eurovision? Any questions? As always you can get me on…


 Flobots – Handlebars
Jamie T – Hocus Pocus
Reef – Superhero

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