Jude’s Birthday (Photo Blog!!!)

So, it’s been a few weeks since Jude’s birthday, but I thought I would post now when I’ve gotten over to buzz and had time to think before my birthday next week. This is my time of year!

However, I do not plan to bombard you with a full writeup, just photos for you to have a gander over. Tomorrow, I will publish for my readers a full write up of the last year, I promise. For now, here are the birthday Photos!

ImageJude sitting on his Beanbag, first thing in the morning.

ImageJude on his first t-shirt.ImageJudes Cake and cupcakes, courtesy of my mommy and Caoimha FarrenImageJude’s new big boy bed from his Granny and Grandad McCartneyImageJude with his Granny and Grandad McCartneyImageJude and Me, his Proud Daddy!ImageJude absolutely loving the Hungry Hippo his Godfather got him.ImageAlice and LaurenceImageKat and RosieImageKat and AliceImageJude’s first “Happy Birthday” songImage“I love Elmo, he looks tasty.”Image“What? Candle?”Image“I don’t need another step between me and cake.”Image“I love you Elmo, you tasty.”ImageJude’s necessary toy room after his birthday, which used to be a dining room.Image

Lastly, Jude trying to climb OUT of his new bed the next morning. I love him so much, he’s so crazy.


As I promised, tomorrow you will recieve a full year update. I will make it as epic as I can.

Playlist –

Cat Stevens – Father and Son

Will Smith – Just the Two of Us

The Beatles – Hey Jude

Tell your friends!


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