A Full Year of Jude (Pictures and Thoughts)

So it has been hyped, and I’m sure most of you reading now have been expecting it since the last one, but here is a 12 (and a bit) month review of my life as a Daddy, there’s been a lot of ups, few downs, I couldn’t even begin to describe how surreal it is knowing that there was ever a time where I didn’t have Jude, and then when I think that I think how I can remember him being born so clear it could’ve happened an hour ago. I’ve also included pictures for every month again to see the evolution of Jude. Time is not my ally, although it used to be, now it just confuses me and recedes my hairline. Today I am working a 13 hour day, and then I’m off for 10 days for my birthday, in which I plan to go to the zoo on my actual birthday, spend loads of time with Jude, and try get as much work done musically as I can as well. It’ll be amazing. So, let’s begin at the beginning of our tale, or if you’re only joining us, turn to the last page of the book, in fact I’ll assume you don’t yet have a book, and spoil the ending. I just can’t sum it up in words any better than my initial reaction…


“They told us it would be another 4 hours, I was sitting with both our Parents talking about “Wednesday’s Child is full of woe” and “Triple H was born on the 27th of July (literally the only person I knew in the list)” and of course how it would be nice if he came out on a Tuesday, as me and (then) Pregahontous were both born on Tuesdays. Then at around 11:45pm the Sister came out and said “I think she needs you to hold her hand.” I rushed in, and the Doctor was there, “She’s Fully Dilated” she said. Remember when I went on about how it wouldn’t hit me until it happened? That’s when everything hit me.
I literally ran over to (then) Pregahontous’ left shoulder and kissed her head, held her hand and literally rephrased everything the midwife was saying because my brain couldn’t make its own ideas. I was shaking, I was literally so excited I thought I was going to faint. It was unbelievable, everyone around me were so professional, obviously they see this every day, but I felt like a big child in the way, even though I didn’t move an inch. I was frozen but shaking, a weird sensation.
Then 14 minutes later I was being handed a pair of scissors and being told “Cut the cord”, which I explicitly said before that I wouldn’t do right here in this book, but in the moment I was just so happy to be given literally any responsibility in the most amazing thing that’s ever happened in front of my eyes. I had a baby boy, he had dark eyes and as soon as he touched skin with (now) Mummysaurus, he calmed, he knew who she was. He reacted when I laughed, and seemed to know me, previously as the Big Voice, now as the little (by comparison to the other people in the room) Daddy. He held my finger, he looked at me for long periods of time, and he was perfect and always will be from that first moment.”


So, back to new content. You might’ve read about it all last August anyway, but here’s a recap, we were still very new to the whole parenting thing but adapting quite well, I had to go back to work which was horrible but we got off for my birthday again and went to the zoo. You may notice a trend, yes I plan to go to the zoo every year for my birthday. Possibly even a more elaborate zoo than Belfast someday, but for now I enjoy the animals and the hill with a chance of heart attack. August was a mad time for adjusting to a lifestyle, a new mother and father, me working, the doggies and everything else. The only reason I think we got through that early period unscathed is due to Jude being such a good baby. Aye he wakes at night, and me and him are religiously up everyday before 7.30, but he’s just so happy all the time. I’ll thank him for it when he’s older.


Jude got Christened in September, and I’ve only realised recently that I never published the photos from it. Not that it’s a big deal, just that no one’s ever really seen them except our family’s, so I may make a point of putting up a picture blog from the christening if anyone wants. Mummysaurus and myself were finally starting to come to grips with parenthood, but not without continued support from both our families and our closest friends. Not to sound cheesy, but I don’t think many of them realise how much we appreciated and still appreciate all they’ve done to help, even simple things as coming over for a visit were are very welcome breaks from the norm. So I take this opportunity to thank all of you.


October was a busy time between my book launch, Mummysaurus’ birthday and Halloween. The book launch was first, finally got my book into stores, had a natter with the mayor, and had some lovely words said by Pete and Felicity McCall. The Mummysaurus’ birthday came around and we had a mad night, and Hallowe’en was no different. It’s amazing to think the amount of times I’ve got really drunk in the last year wouldn’t even probably rival a month from 2 years ago. I used to be really good at it, almost a talent. Now I need looking after when I finish a 6 pack.


There were no events per se in November, but now life was so much more… organised. Jude still kept throwing things at us that we had to look up or ask our mothers about, but for the most part we became independent parents. Phenomenal. Although it’s always been a dream of mine, and something I’ve always wanted, I never pictured I would adapt to it like I had. Absolutely amazing.


Christmas came around! Although he didn’t get nearly as much as his birthday, he still got a stupid amount however this time I think we put all of it to use quite quickly. He also got his first tooth! Not only that, but Mummysaurus and I also got engaged shortly after Christmas. I popped the question at home, I know it doesn’t sound the most romantic but I know she would’ve been too flustered in public and likely would have killed me. She was happy, I’m happy, and we are well on our way to marriage (and the possibility of younger siblings for Jude!)


2nd tooth came around in January, and as you can see if you skip from the first picture to now, he’s beefed out a lot at this point, apart from also getting a lot more character in his face. He’s always laughed from near day one, but at this stage it’s so easy to make him laugh and it never ceases to be hilarious/amazing to me. I honestly don’t know how to convey how crazy it is watching someone evolve from the start of their life and barely missing a day. I hope all of you who haven’t experienced it get a chance because its stupidly awesome.


February was uneventful, as in nothing to write home about, not as if nothing at all happened. Therefore I won’t bore you with more of how awesome being a daddy is. Move along, nothing to see here.


In march, Mummysaurus got to experience her first real Mother’s Day. Well exciting. She got one while she was pregnant but it was mainly be talking from behind the bump. Also, her mother got her first Mother’s Day as a granny, as Jude is the first grandchild in the ‘saurus family. It’s really awesome to be honest, because he’s the first he get’s all the undivided love and attention on that side, however on my side he is the 11th Grandchild, and then I have quite young sisters as well, so he gets all the love and attention but he also gets a minefield of playmates. Awesome for development. We couldn’t have planned it better!


On a selfish note, I got to see my first WWE event live with Adam Gallick in April, which was a pretty big deal for me, although as a result Mummysaurus got a day shopping in Belfast so baby got some new clothes. Also, Jude has his first Easter experience, and while I’m unsure how moved he was by the Mass, or Jesus being Crucified, but he flippin loves chocolate.


May was the first time Jude got to go to the swimming pool, and he flipping loved it. We went with my mum, my lil sister Riley, Kat, Laurence and Rosie. We all had a blast, and we’ve been back a few times since and plan to go many more times. He also got his feet measured for the first time, and he was a 3 and a half G, for those who, like myself, aren’t aware of baby feet sizes, that means he has fat feet. More on that to come.


June was great because, as pictured, Jude got to go to the beach for the first time with Rosie. Yeah he ate some sand, but he loved the water, loved the whole experience. We also got a lot more confident crawling and moving himself, and as a fully grown (as far as will grow, at least) person with a bad memory, I cannot comprehend learning to walk/crawl for the first time. It seems so novel, so watching someone develop like that is both astounding and absolutely fascinating.


I’m sure most of you have seen the pictures and stories from our first family holiday with Kat, Laurence, and Rosie to my family caravan in Bundoran, it was amazing. Jude and Rosie had so much fun together. The main thing was waterworld, I have not seen Jude have anywhere near as much fun anywhere as he did in waterworld. He was grumpy going in, then when he got there we had the most fun ever, and when we got out, he fell asleep sitting up while being dressed. That’s dedication to fun, he fought off sleep completely for a couple of hours and just completely pooped himself out. We also had Jude’s birthday as I’m sure you are all aware from yesterdays blog, I just want to take another time to thank everyone for coming and everyone’s help. It was awesome.


So we’ve come back up to scratch. Only thing for August… Remember I said Jude was a 3 and a half G shoe? We got him measured again, now he’s a 4 and a half G. He literally went up a full shoe size in 6 weeks.

Thank you for making it this far, even if you just looked at the pictures. Mummysaurus, Jude and of course myself are looking forward to many more years of this, and we hope you are too. I am waiting patiently for Jude to start walking and talking properly, so me and him can terrorize his mother efficiently with elaborate pranks. I dream of the day.

Much love, tell your friends, and everything else,

Jude, Mummysaurus and Nate.


Ben Folds – The Luckiest
Watsky – Wounded Healer
The Beatles – Hey Jude


Check the book at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/nateomac you fantastic human.

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