New Blog – The Beginning of Superdaddy.

So, my son turned a year old a little while ago, and as I’ve said it has been the most amazing experience you could ever imagine. I genuinely could not be happier with life as it stands, I’m successful in that right. However, I am not a fit man. I would even go so far as saying I am unfit, I have skinny arms, yet a belly, and man boobs coming through. I eat unhealthy, drink unhealthy, and can’t walk up the hill to my work without stopping, albeit briefly, to compose myself. To be honest, the belly and boobs are a recent addition (in the last few years), but I’ve never really been fit. I spent all my energy on Nintendo and music and didn’t care much for running about. Then I came across this passage online;

 “See that baby in your house?

Imagine, in 4 years time, when he wants to go to the park and run around. You’re tired because you’re overweight(?) and out of shape. You want to make him happy, but you’re in a fog. You need something to wake you up, so you drink some soda – killing yourself slowly in the process. You go to the park and they want to run around and do the monkey bars – all the things that leave you winded and even more tired. 

“I can’t, buddy,” you say, thinking about how much *work* it would be.

Is that the future you want? Or do you want to clear that mental fog, feeling better both physically and mentally every day you workout? Do you want to rely on soda and caffeine to be alert and awake, or do you want to have the metabolism to be at the top of your game every single minute of every single day simply because you’re in shape and healthy? Do you want to be able to outrun your kids when they want to go playing, with them tiring out long before you do? Do you want to be around for them for years and years, as their friends’ parents get sick and age faster than you?

If so, then get up and press play and get going. Every hour you spend working out and developing healthy habits is days longer you get to spend on this Earth with your loved ones. If you’re not going to get healthy and in the best shape of your life (and really, make a healthy lifestyle change) for yourself, do it for your infant. Be their health role model – instill in them the good habits you’re about to form so that they don’t ever need the motivation to become healthy. It’ll be instinctual for them. If you’re healthy and press upon them your good habits, being healthy, in shape, and fit will come naturally to them. “


Of course it wasn’t aimed at me specifically, it was aimed at someone who was actually looking for motivation. Not me, I was happy in my burger bubble until I read it. It rings home too true. So, for the next few months I will start afresh on the blog, and try to become a healthier version of myself. I will start on Monday the 17th of September, and will update nearly every day. Now don’t fear, this is not going to be me coming on every day and saying

 “Did 40 push-ups and ate a sandwich. Good workout.” 

 It will be as anecdotal and realistic as some of you got used to in the months leading up to Jude being born.

 If anyone else reads this and it rings home true, I urge them to join me for the next while, or you can just follow me here. I hope one day soon to be a much finer specimen of a man. Well, than I already am.



Joe Esposito – You’re the Best

Olivia Newton John – Let’s Get Physical

Pokemon Theme Tune.

 Tell your friends, this guy is going to get even hotter.



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