Day 2 – Pray for Mojo

So, I’m not sure how many of you seen my facebook last night, I decided to work out for a solid further 30 minutes, and pushed myself really hard. I made a point of noting a portion of the playlist;

Less than Jake – The brightest bulb has burned out

Outkast – B.O.B.

Meatloaf – I’d do anything for love

Barenaked Ladies – Be my Yoko Ono

It’s not hilarious or anything, but it was such a strange workout. I pushed myself so hard that when another Barenaked Ladies song came on 20 minutes later, I literally slowed to a point of stopping. I lay on my living room floor for at least 15 minutes. I know I listened to N*SYNC, “Pump up the Jams” and “Love of the Common People” by Paul Young. I then dragged myself to the computer, and I typed some of this up. My arms were so sore I was holding them to my sides, I felt like this when I tried to continue;


Anyway, I learned a valuable lesson, however I have no idea what that lesson was.

Today was a music day for myself. Had my first real set practice with GRIM, did some of my stuff, some of their stuff, as we both play on each others material for gigs. Then I had my first day back teaching guitar after the summer, 11 students to start this year. Some of them play other instruments already, so it’s not too bad. We all got pitch pipes as well. I’ve never had a pitch pipe before, so it was a big moment for me.

Just finished my workout again tonight. Same as last night. Can barely move my arms to type. Used all my remaining strength to lift my phone to take this picture;Image

I have learned nothing. I will probably do this all over again every day until I don’t die at the end.


Tell your Friends.

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