Jude walking and more!

So another day down, I’m really “feelin the burn”, as they say, at the minute. Also been one of the craziest weeks I’ve had in ages. First, big news;

Jude took his first steps!!! He just up and walked, this was yesterday, but because of work etc I didn’t get to see it until today, he near runs until he falls but he’s steady enough already! When we went to his room to put his pajamas on he walked from the doorway right to the other side of the room to his bed, climbed up on it, and got a dummy. He’s already sneaky, and I love it. To think he could barely crawl a couple of months ago, its amazing to watch someone grow every day and learn new things every day. Unreal.

It’s been a great week anyway, I’m in for a promotion at work and I managed to get an interview there so fingers crossed. Wrote a couple of new songs as well, one is a collaborative effort with a guy from Ballyclare called TurboShandy and another I wrote for myself just. Been rattlin away at it tonight so I might even have it ready for the next gig.

Not much more to report on working out, just the usual, I will say that today I actually feel a lot better in general, as in I was more awake and had more energy, and thank God because I’ll need it now with running after Jude!

I’ll part you with this picture;Image

I really enjoyed it anyway.

Tell your friends.


The Doors – Break On Through

Barenaked Ladies – For You

Aerosmith – Big Ten Inch Record.

  1. You see, this is exactly why no-one likes you…
    Laurence xx

  2. Awesome! =3

    • Thanks dude! Who’s this by the by?

    • Nevermind, just clocked the ed gein story master. I’ve read that thrice to date. Thanks dude!

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