Baby got back

So today I knew i wouldn’t have anything to write about, on account of being seriously lazy and not looking to rectify that. Key things did happen unexpectedly though, Pregahontous, for the first time in her life, lit a few candles and helped me light the fire. This might sound trivial, but by vince did she need to get over her fear of fire for the sake of the baby if it gets cold and the heat isnt working! She said i was being mean for forcing her into it, but then again, shes also afraid of cows and this couldve been much worse.

(In this scenario, even I’m scared)

Nonetheless I did prepare for my lack of interesting day, and had a few friends give me parenting advice, and I think I’ll share some of my favourites…

little kids, little problems. big kids, big problems

This one excites me, because neither me or pregamaghandi are any taller than 5ft4, so we should never experience any massive problems, however…

“Your phone will go down the toilet at least once”

I’m pretty anal about my phone, I don’t leave it anywhere. But thankfully

“a good tip would be to make sure your tantrums are bigger than theirs”

Which doesn’t apply much to me, my tantrums are far and few between, and generally game-related, but the fertilised one has pregtastic tantrums! Whilst, one reader said…

“Sleep now while u can”

This is almost creepy, I’d love to send my mates this and only this from a different number, any other ideas of cryptic messages for people i find are non readers are graciously welcomed!

Other notable parenting tips included;

“Be prepared to never be prepared”
“Sleep while the baby is sleeping”
“Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap-on-a-rope”
“Choose your battles!”
and finally a Seinfeld quote that was brought to my attention;
“A 2 year old is like having a blender, but having no top for it.”
Thoroughly enjoyed these today. I think we’ll be ok, as long as we don’t have a “Hairy Baby” or, worse;

You know the drill!


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8 Days a Week

So I had my interview for the Sunday Journal yesterday. It started really awkwardly, I was sitting in Cafe Del Mondo on my laptop and a man came in and started taking photos of me, and then left. Big flashy journal camera as well! But alas even though the Shave Brigade reigned supreme yesterday, I still looked like this…

(Of course, more sobre and less asleep)

For good reason too, first one being that before i left the house, i had 2 text messages saying not to shave, and 1 tweet. So when i left the house, the Grow Ho’s were winning! Also this song came into my head again in the last days, and by God it will turn you all into beardlievers!

Anyway, after that I went for a jam with Geoffs and them, and had a pretty rockin day, pregahontous organised the sheerly stupid amount of baby clothes we already have, its amazing how many “hand-me-downs” of baby clothes come with the label still on them, it poses two options in my mind;

1. Babies wear the same clothes all the time, cause they like them the best.

(Check me out)


2. Babys like wearing clothes with labels still on them, like rappers

(That baby gets so much boob)

Any other theories?  Let me know!




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The ‘Tache- Should I Shave or Should I Grow?

Right folks decision time, I have a meeting today with ex-tumblr, Brian Quinn. (check out his short lived blog, it’s genius ) Brian has asked me for an interview regarding this blog, which is mad!

However, he wants to take a picture of me doing ‘the blog’ and I’m on two minds of whether to lash out with my Tache out or brave to shave. Need answers soon readerland!

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7 Deadly Sins, 7 Leeful Days

Well im closing in on the end of day 7, and im genuinely starting to feel a bit better for it. My cravings were far and few between during work and basically non-exsistant outside thereof.

But enough about smoking, writing about its making me, its making me….

How is he not sweating!

Pregahontous figured out today that, because of annual leave she has left, she only has 16 days left of work before being off for basically a year. And I bet I’ll still be doing the hoovering…

I jest, but seriously, how awesome is that? have a baby, get 9 months off.

Help procreate that baby I’m entitled to 3 days normal pay, then £18 a day after that for up to 2 weeks.

How is that even right?! But she does have to carry it and such, I just have to listen to her complain about it, and basically carry her, which, contravertially I feel is worthy of slightly more than the crap paternity I’ll get.

Training again tonight was fun, felt the “burn” as they say.

Now I’m going to stuff my face with indian, drink whiskey and ge up tomorrow to do more training, completely defeating the purpose.

Ill be back again tomorrow, but for now…


Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

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6 days does not a week make…

If anyone gets the quote that is above, fair play, one of the best of the simple film/plays.

So work is over, i didnt smoke! I managed it today, wasnt too hard after lunch to be honest got a wreck of brandy balls and clove rock and just sucked it in (literally). Then I came home and started drinking, as per usual. Monday night is the only night in a week you can guarantee ill be up late and possibly drinking, even more so after an 11 hour shift with everyone smoking around me…

A little shout out to the guys in my team though if you’re reading, they were good to me! Didnt tempt me and when i was tempted warded me off, keep it up so i can keep it up!

Anyway! Its been a week, ive gained readers, lost readers, but whoever of you is reading this now, and read the first one last monday, I want to hear from you. I want my readers/friends to take over the blog on a friday, to speak about whatever they want, themselves, their own worries or thoughts on what I’m going through etc etc so please let me know on the usual outlets!

Anyone want to stop smoking with me? Let me know!

Also I had a strange revelation today, while I ate my ceremonious sausage supper, that being a daddy means giving up a lot of things. I mean, itll be a matter of months I wont be allowed to wander the house naked, i have to stop smoking, drink a lot less, being in Prehen means Ive got used to being away from friends enough already, but its a bit mad. I mean, a lot of people don’t go through these things because they’e stubborn or dont care, but i feel like I’m from a better cattle of fish…

Did anyone else know this logo is an irish slur? Actually! Slaggin us right in front of our eyes…

Ye know the drill;


Noah and the Whale – Life ges on

Robbie Williams – Life thru (sic) a lens

Duran Duran – Hungry like the wolf

Day 6 – Torture

Today is the serious test of my will, as I sit here in my cubicle
surrounded by dozens of others in their respective cubicles, everyone
talking, percentages of them shouting. I’ve touched on it before, that
I can handle this quite well, listening to people complain and not
getting frustrated. This is not the same in my current state of mind.

My mind feels like its in a microwave, just ready to explode at any
point. My chest feels tight, hands shaking, feels like its hard to
breath when it simply isnt. I can breathe fine, I’m just freaking out.

Jesus even my legs feel weird.

Its currently lunchtime, ill be updating this at hometime, but I’ve
managed to survive today so far without smoking. I can’t say this will
last. I hope it does on one hand, but i don’t know what will happen me
on the other hand.

Any words of advice send them to me on the usual platforms;

Playlist so far;

Hold music, which has recently been changed to all Take That. I think.


Day 5 – Lazy Sundays…


Ok, so nothing happened today.

End of Blog


Nah I’m just messin, sort of. Nothing did happen today, her pain in her side is kind of coming and going so we assume its getting better, so that’s a big relief. When I woke up, I said “I’ll do dinner today” and she wouldn’t let me, then she complained later in the day that I never cook for her. (See previous blogs for mental status of pregahontous) But the main thing I want to blog about today…

I’m going to be a father. And its only kind of hitting home now…

I mean it, its weird enough seeing a baby kick through a stomach, feel it kick you through said stomach, and hear its heartbeat so amazing, its unbelievable really, but I’ll be honest I’ve been rather dismissive of all these crazy amazing things, pawning them off as if they happen all the time, when they don’t, they really don’t.

I’ve come to a realisation that I’ll miss all these crazy things sometime down the line, but mainly, I will have a baby who depends on me to do things. That’s a crazy feeling, I cant even begin to comprehend what it’ll feel like when it happens, what will happen when he’s born, anything. Its so hard to grasp this concept but I’m so excited I’ve stopped being worried so much, just can’t wait to see what madness will ensue!

3 things are going to be amazing;

1 – Having a baby version of me to hold and mould and so on and so forth

2 – Having a girlfriend who, although I cant get “freaky” with for a while, doesn’t have much to complain about, including work and being pregnant.

3 – Having the drive and determination to make my life better, simply because it will directly affect the life of something so small and amazing!

Any fathers reading this tell me how it felt for you, any mothers for that matter too! Anyone who is thinking about being a parent etc ask as many questions as you can now beforehand, I don’t remember not being in this position so I want to know what questions there are! I’m really hoping for questions cause it’ll make for good blogging!

Ask them at;


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