Real Talk.

Hi folks, After the success of my pretend interview a few weeks back, I was sent real questions from a person that isn’t myself, thought I’d publish them here for all to see and if you have any more just let me know!

Did you two find out the sex of the baby before the birth??

We did, we weren’t going to, but coming up to the scan there was a huge debate wherein everyone thought it was going to be a girl. Honestly, I said it would be a boy just to go against the grain, but it turned out I was right. Couldn’t be happier either! I think as a father I’m able to fully flourish with a first born being a son, because I’ll be able to relate to a lot more, and be able to guide him through some of the steps of life in being as happy and content as I generally am. Hopefully it’s in his genes!

Did you feel like a Dad as soon as they put Jude into your arms or at a diff time?

I felt like a King never mind a Dad, the intensity during the labour was unparalleled with anything I have ever felt, in my years being on stage with music and theatre I have had moments where I have been truly electrified by being there, but never so much as when he was born. I felt like a Dad the moment he looked at me with those big eyes and grabbed my finger. I’m getting chills thinking about it.

What’s the best/ worst thing that’s happened since a) pregnancy b) birth??

Well since the pregnancy the best thing was him being born, during the pregnancy it was finding out he was healthy and although the late night trips to the hospital we did have were scary, being told he was ok was always the best feeling at the time. Since he was born the best thing that’s happened is hard to pinpoint. Although I had my book published and the success of the blog etc, it would either be the first time he said “dada” or the first time he really laughed. Now he does both constantly and it never gets old!

Do you feel that your circle of friends has changed?

It has, but in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, I miss spending time with friends estranged, but since Jude’s arrival I have definitely found my true stable of friends, people who still come visit even though I’m not able to make much time for them like I used to, people who stay in touch and treat Jude like family. I am truly blessed with my friends, but then again with a few exceptions I’m not surprised by who I have close to me still.

Do you feel that your parents change since the birth/ pregnancy?

My parents? Not really, they are definitely so in love with him, and I know they’d do anything for him or me, but I’ve always known that. Jude is their 11th grandchild, so since I was 12 I have been able to see first hand exactly what they’re like with the next generation. However, Mummysaurus’ parents have Jude as their first grandchild, and you can definitely see a change in them. They are so supportive, although they do constantly try to steal him!

What do you think you’ll do different to your parents with Jude?

I can’t really say, I’ve said it before, but I have absolutely no qualms with my upbringing at all, in fact I will have to strive to be as good a parent to Jude as they were to me!

Will you hit your child / naughty step?

Although Jude is only coming up to 8 months old, I have never gotten angry at him. I know he is only a baby, so I can’t fault him, because he doesn’t know any better. When he gets older, and does things bad knowingly, I will probably get more disappointed, but I could never hit him. I know I never will. My father never hit me, and I know for fact I gave him cause to more than enough, but never did he raise his hand at me. Naughty step though? More than likely!

Are you worried about living in N.I. and raising a child?

I look at it this way, I’ve grown up in Derry since birth, it’s my home, and it is as much a part of who I am as anything else. I have experienced sectarianism first hand, but I don’t have, nor will I ever have, any strong feelings towards anyone based on anything but their character. That isn’t just me though, it’s something I was brought up believing, and I know Jude will be in the same environment, so I don’t worry too much. There isn’t a place in the world that doesn’t have their problems, or their prejudice. Jude has the same opportunities here as anywhere else in the world if he works hard to achieve his goals, and I won’t let fear get in the way of that.

Have you considered ever moving to Australia etc??

Never, as I mentioned above, Derry is my home, it’s Jude’s home now, and there’s not a place in the world I’d rather live.


Nate’s Evolution of Love

Ok, so some of you might’ve seen on my Facebook yesterday that I recently acquired ‘World Cup Italia 90’ for the mega drive. I had it as a kid, and used to love it, never won because my bro was 3 years older but I used to love playing it. Still do. It’s probably that which got me thinking about what love meant to me as thruogh the years. See, love is one of those words that’s thrown about a lot, but you don’t really get to understand it until you’ve experienced it, no matter how many times you’ve watch ‘When Harry Met Sally’. By the way, as a man, I can say without problem that it is a great film, and in my top 10.

However, here are some points of my life in which I thought ‘This is what love is’.

1. Young Nate Loves Video Games. (Ages 5-8)

As noted above, I thought this is a great place to start. I can’t remember how many times in my life I’ve said I love games, it’s in the thousands i assume, and I have never had a lull from when I got my NES to now of not playing games at least once a week or so. Even now, I still have a megadrive setup in me and Judes mancave, and I’m sure at some point in Jude’s young life he will utter the words “I love video games!” To keep forever young, I even have this on my arm…

2. Young Nate Loves Writing and Singing (Ages 8-11)

Young Nate is much like old Nate, as I (obviously) love writing still, and still love belting out a tune here and there. Another similarity is that even though I’ve been belting out tunes since no age, I’m still a terrible singer. I remember being a “Talent show” in Prehen Boathouse when it was fully operational, and singing some Backstreet Boys to a backing track, and all the while having a song I’d written (and typed up and printed out AND laminated nonetheless) with me at all times. Couldn’t even tell you what that song was about now, I’d love to revisit it, but I still write songs and sing terribly, I just have a more fluid vision of love these days.

3. Young Nate starts to understand relationship Love (Ages 11-14)

For those not in the know, that is a picture of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, of WWE (WWF) Fame. As my main source of viewing pleasure was wrestling at a young age, my first form of the relationship process was from wrestling. I was enamoured in this storyline, and the way it played out was this;

Triple H was feuding with Vince McMahon, the main boss in wrestling to this date as well, and they were constantly one upping each other.

Stephanie McMahon was engaged to Andrew Martin, also known as Test (RIP), and they were to be wed live on TV.

During the wedding, Triple H brought footage up on the big screen where he had drugged her unconcious, and taken her to a drive through wedding place in Vegas, therefore getting married.

They lived happily ever after.

Ok, for a young man trying to figure out how to get into the whole dating scene, this could’ve been a terrible how to guide. Thankfully I am smarter than that, and of course there were other more conventional relationships on TV, but the worst part about all this, or best part, is that Triple H and Stephanie did live happily ever after, they got married in real life and had 3 kids. Where, for example, Goldust was in a conventional (ish) relationship with Terri Runnels, married in real life, and they divorced in real life after splitting on TV. You just can’t be the conventional good guy in TV relationships.

4. Teenage Nate Loves Musical Tastes and Dress (Ages 14-16)

This isn’t exactly unique, but I find it very strange looking back that I excluded girls, as others excluded me, from potential relationships solely based on how they dressed or what music they liked. In fairness, I had long hair and played guitar, so I was the pinnacle of the stereotype. I won’t go into it, you all remember this weird teenage phenomenon, but I learned as I got older that most of the best friends I could have wouldn’t even have entertained me, or I them, based solely on looks and likes. When you’re an adult, or nearly one anyway, you figure out that people are people, and some of them are awesome despite not liking things you like. I’m sure this guy doesn’t listen to Bowling for Soup, but he’s pretty awesome in my books.

5. Pretend Grown-up Nate Loves Being Pretentious (Ages 16-22)

At this point in life, being a pretend grown-up, I find all my answers to love and life in movies, thinking little original thoughts, and thinking that cliche’s are cliche’s because they work. They’re so popular, and so common, they must be the answer. Love took the worst blow, to the point where I felt disheartened singing my girlfriend a love song to nonchalant expression. I don’t think I got it the worst though, I have a friend who will remain unnamed, who I used to busk with. He started seeing a good friend of mine, and within the week was singing Peter Framptons “Baby I Love Your Way” to her face, full volume, out the side of the Richmond Shopping Centre, for all to see. I genuinely wish this was a joke, or that he was any younger than 18 at the time. Shudders.

6. Family Love – (22-Forever)

I found out I was going to be a daddy when I was 22, and I found out what love really is. Love isn’t just about being with someone, it’s about becoming a part of someones life permanently, about family, and of course, you can read all about that feeling if you buy my book! Right here.

Anyone else have any input? Leave a comment (you don’t need to be logged in or nothin) and let me know!


The Atari’s – Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
Motorhead – The Game
Peter Frampton – Baby I Love Your Way

Oh! Look what I found!

Seriously seen this at the fun farm today, brought me back to a while degree…

I remember telling people my millennium alien baby was going to hatch at 12midnight come year 2K! God I was a gullible prick at age 11.

Bank Holiday Monday!

Bit of Monday madness today, took Jude to buncrana, he had his first time on a swing, and then we went to Barrontop Fun Farm. So I thought because I took so many, it would warrant another photo blog! Hope you enjoy!

This morning

Jude’s First Slide

My Godson Sam feeding goats




awesome Turtle

Jude’s Auntie Sophie feeding lamb

Lamb going for a high 5

Lambs eating

Me, Jude and a goat

Awesome Chicks

Thought that was a good day, hope ye all enjoyed! Back to normal tomorrow!

Mothers day end…

This is how mothers day ended up, captions welcome…

From Jude to Mummysaurus…

Thought it would be nice to show you all what happened on the first mothers day…

Cupcakes were well received by Mummysaurus, thanks to Caoimha Farren and Custom Cakes! Awesome stuffs! Inside the card;

Dear Mummysaurus,

I know I cry and am bad sometimes, I know I don’t sleep all night, and I know my bum smells…

But I’ll always love you more than anything!

Lots of love,

Jude xoxo

(P.s. be nice to daddy, i like him too)

Happy St Patricks Day!

I have to leave this to go I work for 11 hours, but happy St Patricks Day everyone! Drink enough to get me blocked as well as yourself.


Christy Moore – Reel in the Flickering Light
The Dubliners – Parting Glass
The Pogues – The Irish Rover